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Advanced Battle Tips - Raid

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Yilun, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Yilun

    Yilun New Member

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    Here are also some advanced battle mechanics/tips:

    1) Check your emblems, you should be able to get at least 2 Paladyna wyrmprints of Elly that give you +20% bonus damage to the Raid boss. Make sure you equip this on your main DPS!

    2) Take advantage of invincibility frames (iframes) to dodge the boss attack instead of evading. It helps save precious seconds which allows you to rack up more DPS. In short, when the boss throws down an AOE damage circle, you wait for it to fill up. Right when it is about to hit you, execute one of your active skills. The startup frames on the skill attack animation briefly makes you "invincible" for your entire team. The boss' attack will safely pass without damaging you and you can basically continue attacking him without skipping a beat.

    3) Take advantage of Dragon Shapeshift iframes as well. The volcanoes emit a purple AOE ring which means the damage is "unblockable". However, you can safely ignore the volcano damage as well by using the startup frames in the dragon shapeshift animation to gain 1-2 seconds of invincibility and safely bypass the volcano damage. Just keep an eye on the edge of the purple AOE ring and shapeshift just before the damage lands. Between #2 and #3, you can save several seconds off of your DPS race which may help those of you who are barely unable to finish Expert level. Please note - this avoid trick only works for your main unit but not your other units. The rest of your team will still get hit by the volcano so it may still be prudent to kill the nearest volcano next to you and resume attacking the boss. Make sure everyone stands in the "safe" area outside of the purple AOE blast radius!

    4) Try hosting a few matches with randoms. If you host enough, you will randomly unlock the "bonus/special" stage which is the 34k might boss (basically LGD mode). Careful though, this one is not for the feint of heart.

    5) When you first start the raid boss fight, check on the top of the screen below the boss' HP bar. You will see 3 boxes "Tail", "R Leg", and "L Leg". Tap on any of those boxes to instruct the rest of your AI-controlled team units to attack the specific limb. Focus on the tail first, then left leg, then right leg, in that order. Make sure you try to kill all 3 limbs before finishing the boss. The more limbs killed in battle, the greater the loot drops at the end.

    6) Raise the free water unit. She actually has a decent kit. She innately has +20% bonus damage to the boss, which stacks with the free wyrmprints mentioned above. At max level, she can actually be an extremely effective DPS unit for this raid boss, especially for those who do not have a decent selection of water units.
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  2. Harvest

    Harvest Moderator Staff Member

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    The Halidom Lv. 9
    I never thought to click on the Limb's HP bars! That'll definitely help me DPS the tail faster so I can confidently stay in Cleric Mode for the sake of the overall team, haha.

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