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Character and Dragon intro videos

Discussion in 'General' started by Sigh..., Sep 5, 2018.

  1. Sigh...

    Sigh... New Member

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    Translated intro speech by orng_guy:

    Midgardsormr: "I am Midgardsormr--lord of maelstroms, master of this land, and the storm that shall keep you from harm!"

    Mercury: "I am Mercury, mistress of the tides and ruler of the waves. I shall be the ocean that carries you!"

    Brunhilda: "I am Brunhilda, mistress of crimson, the inferno-clad, and the flame that shall guide your way!"

    Jupiter: "I am Jupiter--Lightwyrm, lord of thunder and lightning, and master of these peaks! Now I shall be the gleaming bolt that smites your foes!"

    Zodiark: "I am Zodiark, the Shadowwyrm. I am he who waltzes in the black... I am darkness incarnate! I shall take the strength of the Six Greatwyrms and bury those who have wronged the world!"

    Protagonist: I'll get stronger to protect what's important to me! If I don't give up, I can change my destiny! Dragons, give me strength!

    Zethia: I feel afraid to go on this mission, but I must not runaway simply because there are things I cannot do. Now, let's move forward!

    Notte: Not good, not good, not good! A swarm of magic balls is attacking nearby! Everyone, hang in there! Don't cry!

    Yeah, magic balls. If that wasn't the word she used, I really don't know what it was... Gotta say, these videos have been quite the test given what I first expected.

    Elisanne: For holy knights, constant training is indispensable--it is to be expected. ...With the holy spear's power...!

    Ranzal: Hey, bro. You alright?

    (After that point I couldn't make out a word of it. His character is described as having a rough style of speech, so yeah...)

    Cleo: My name is Cleo. I was waiting for you. I alone shall be the one who answers your request... I will treat your injuries, though they don't look too excessive.

    Luca: Don't make fun of the forest people--our arrows always hit their mark! Take this! ...How about that?

    Shirisse: This idiot of a brother! Take that! \punch* Hey... big bro Luca... don't you know how much I was worried? Wait--are you listening!?*
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  2. ZZZzzzZZZ

    ZZZzzzZZZ New Member

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    I’m alittle surprised the dragons talk though. I think I would have much more preferred they didn’t...
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  3. Deeluxe

    Deeluxe New Member

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    I think not giving the dragons a voice would have may them a lot more ominous, and it'd make them seem like a more powerful presence overall. However, the voices don't sound too off-putting and they fit each dragon somewhat.
  4. GatorJ

    GatorJ New Member

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    I would have muc preferred to have no voice acting for the dragons. I don’t even see why they need one. Maybe they say the skill their using when activated?

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