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Discussion in 'Characters, Dragons and Wyrmprints' started by Harvest, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. Harvest

    Harvest Moderator Staff Member

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    The Halidom Lv. 9
    Debut: Since 'Worldwide' Launch (Sept 27, 2018)

    Rarity: [☆☆☆]
    Epithet: Belle Healer
    Classification: Healing ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧
    Weapon Type / Co-Ability: Staff / Recovery Potency
    Element: [Shadow]

    Lv 80 (+ 50 MC) HP: 763
    Lv 80 (+ 50 MC) ATK: 446

    1. Lv. 1-2 Skill Prep
    2. Lv. 1-2 Paralysis Resist
    3. Lv. 1 HP 70 = Defense
    [In total summary, +75% Skill Prep, 100% Paralysis Resist, & +8% DEF if HP is equal to or more than 70%]


    Skill 1: Elder Cure "Restores HP to all allies with 108% Recovery Potency and removes paralysis." (Lv. 3)​
    • 5916 SP Cost (Lv. 3)
    • Skill Type: Team Heal
    • I.Frame: 1.1 second(s)
    • Energize Affected
    This is a standard team heal and also a team paralysis cleanse (this aspect is probably what edges Cleo over Edward between the two overall).

    Skill 2: Ancient Aegis "Increases the entire team's defense by 20% for 15 seconds." (Lv. 2)​
    • 8534 SP Cost (Lv. 2)
    • Skill Type: Team Buff
    • I.Frame: 1.4 Second(s)
    • Unaffected by Energize
    A whopping 20% DEF Buff! Really good buff to clutch a team from wiping out, and a useful skill for allies and WPs with Strength Doublebuff Ability. Don't pop this skill every chance you get since it takes a bit of SP for it to be available.
    Likely to be seen:
    Almost anywhere and in HJP. Some void battles and raids are best left to more appropriately geared healers if you or someone has them.​

    Helper Material?
    Sure. Most would rather have Team Heal + Regeneration over Team Heal + Affliction Cleanse, though.​

    Promotion Worthy?
    Do you intend to use her as the healer in HJP? No? The other justifiable reason is that you like her that much.​
  2. Harvest

    Harvest Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    The Halidom Lv. 9
    So remember when Elisanne got two alts? Cleo joins in on the fun with three of her own!

    ...her two fanboys must be so pleased.

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