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Discussion in 'Characters, Dragons and Wyrmprints' started by Harvest, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Harvest

    Harvest Moderator Staff Member

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    The Halidom Lv. 9
    Debut: Since 'Worldwide' Launch (Sept 27, 2018)

    Rarity: [☆☆☆]
    Epithet: Anointed Lance
    Classification: Support
    Weapon Type / Co-Ability: Lance / HP
    Element: Water

    Lv 80 (+ 50 MC) HP: 752
    Lv 80 (+ 50 MC) ATK: 460

    1. Lv. 1-2 Buff Time
    2. Lv. 1-2 Burn Resist
    3. Lv. 1 Stun Resist
    [In total summary, +25% duration on Buffs, +50% Burn Resist, and +25% Stun Resist]


    Skill 1: Brave Bastion "Increases the entire team's strength by 20% for 15 seconds." (Lv. 3)
    • 3817 SP Cost (Lv. 3)
    • Skill Type: Team Buff
    • I.Frame: 1.4 second(s)
    • Unaffected by Energize
    This skill right here is bonkers. One of the lowest SP costing Buff skills there are in the game, as well as second strongest STR team buff one could get off an adventurer, right after Sinoa's Custom Concoction (albeit 1/4th chance). And, what do you know, if it charges fast enough, it stacks!

    Skill 2: Hallowed Waters "Deals 1 hit of 754% water damage to the target and nearby enemies." (Lv. 2)
    • 5158 SP Cost (Lv. 2)
    • Skill Type: Damage
    • I.Frame: 1.0 Second(s)
    • Energize Affected
    It's those skydiving animations. Good power, good coverage. Can easily miss if the target moves around too much.
    Likely to be seen:
    Most Water content. Can do some cheesy strategy against Void Agni, and she is sometimes brought into HBH over Xainfried because she puts more on the table than what he does currently (big ouch for dragon dad). Also... the Mercurial Gauntlet.
    Helper Material?
    She is a sole exception to the "no pure buff-type Helper" rule of mine. Easily the lowest investment with a hefty Mana haul daily (Usually. Don't think there aren't any dry spells, mind you) thanks to the Mercurial Gauntlet's existence. You don't need a weapon or a dragon for her, and you certainly don't need to use Consecrated Water for leveling up her ideal WPs either.
    Promotion Worthy?
    +20% STR team buff.
  2. Harvest

    Harvest Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    The Halidom Lv. 9
    Elisanne really hit the gold rupies from the very beginning.
    • Story Character & a Freebie
    • One of the top waifus in popularity
    • Halloween Elisanne, a seasonal alt, and the closest thing to a powercreep (until Annelie, but they have different resistances and should not be compared by that reason alone)
    • More helpful and preferred over Xainfried in High Brunhilda's Trial, back when it debuted
    • The Mercurial Gauntlet makes her the most desired Helper the higher up in levels
    • She's the first to gain a 2nd alt, Wedding Elisanne, who is all you need in High Mercury's fight (Also a permanent addition to the summon pool and a sword user this time)
    I can only imagine she'll gain more alts in the rest of the dang elements!
    Helper Elisanne:
    • Promoted to 5
    • Brave Bastion must be Lv. 3
    • Ideal WP setup: 20% Buff Time + 10% dprep
    • Next best WP setup: 30% Buff Time
    We're assuming all the WPs used on her are MUB but Lv 1. All other details such as Levels, Weapons, and Dragons are inconsequential and will not affect her Helper Skill in any way, shape, or form.

    I much prefer +30% Buff Time for the Mercurial Gauntlet because I usually do not rely on dshifting at all but having 23.75 seconds of 20% STR team buff is fantastic.
  3. AaronUS

    AaronUS Moderator Staff Member

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    another reason for those lance dojos o.~
    Harvest likes this.
  4. Harvest

    Harvest Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    The Halidom Lv. 9
    Only if she's seeing use against Void Agni and High Brunhilda levels of difficulty and beyond. ;)

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