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Help: Wyrmprints

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Harvest, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Harvest

    Harvest Moderator Staff Member

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    The Halidom Lv. 9
    **This information is mostly a copy-paste from Dragalia Lost App.

    To view this in-game, go to "More" Menu tab on the bottom far right, tap on "Help/Support" Menu, and then tap "Help."

    These are are talismans of sorts; memories of the world taken shape.

    Equipping them to an adventurer increases their HP and strength, but some grant abilities as well.

    You can earn them through summoning or by progressing through the main story and events.

    Upgrading Wyrmprints
    Use materials or wyrmprints to strengthen wyrmprints.
    • Grant Experience
    Use materials or wyrmprints to increase the experience points of the selected wyrmprint. Once its experience points reach a certain value, it will gain a level.

    Experience points obtained from dragons used as materials depends on the weapon's level.

    Unbinding Wyrmprints
    Raise a Wyrmprint's maximum level by using a wyrmprint identical to it or a special item (Keys; Golden for 5and Silver for 4 rarities). Wyrmprints can be unbound even if they haven't reached their level cap.

    Wyrmprints used as unbinding materials will not transfer their unbinding level. Unbinding levels have a limit.

    Additional text will be revealed as you unbind a wyrmprint and its image will change once you unbind two levels.

    Equipping a Second Wyrmprint
    Clear Chapter 4 of the main campaign to unlock the ability to equip two wyrmprints.
    Equip an adventurer with a second wyrmprint and they will gain that wyrmprint's HP, strength, and abilities.
    However, an adventurer cannot equip two of the same wyrmprint.

    Ability Effects and Maximum Values
    When two equipped wyrmprints have abilities with the same buff, that buff stacks.
    However, there is a limit to how high a buff's value can go (e.g. Max 20%; Max 3 Times).
    Adventurer, weapon, and dragon abilities are not affected by this limit.

    Regarding Certain Abilities
    If both of the wyrmprints an adventurer has equipped have an ability that provides the same buff under the same conditions, those abilities will be displayed as a single merged ability.
    The buff value or roman numeral for a merged ability will display in a different color.
    Furthermore, when a merged ability reaches its maximum potential, the buff value or roman numeral will display in yet another color.

    List of Abilities That Share the Same Maximum Value
    The following abilities share a maximum potential buff with other abilities that offer the same type of buff (e.g. two abilities that offer Strength +X%). When two of such abilities are equipped at once, the buff value (displayed alongside the buff).
    *This list comprises buffs that have a variety of possible triggers, along with examples of relevant abilities for each buff type.

    Recovery Potency (Max 20%)
    • Recovery Potency +X%
    • HP 70% = Healing +X%
    • Full HP = Healing +X%

    Critical Rate (Max 15%)

    • Critical Rate +X%
    • HP 70% = Critical Rate +X%
    • Flurry Devastation +X%
    • (Light) Critical Rate +X%
    • (Water) Flurry Devastation +X%
    • (Axe) Critical Rate +X%

    Skill Damage (Max 40%)

    • Skill Damage +X%
    • HP 70% = Skill Damage +X%
    • Full HP = Skill Damage +X%
    • (Sword) Skill Damage +X%
    • (Lance) Skill Damage +X%

    Skill Haste (Max 15%)

    • Skill Haste +X%
    • (Flame) Skill Haste +X%
    • (Light) Skill Haste +X%
    • (Shadow) Skill Haste +X%

    Strength (Max 20%)

    • HP 70% = Strength +X%
    • Full HP = Strength +X%
    • Flurry Strength +X%

    Defense (Max 20%)

    • HP 70% = Defense +X%
    • Full HP = Defense +X%

    Broken Punisher (Max 30%)

    • Broken Punisher +X%
    • (Wind) Broken Punisher +X%

    Buff Time (Max 30%)

    • Buff Time +X%
    • (Shadow) Buff Time +X%

    Player EXP (Max 10%)

    • Loving Heart
    • Happy Dragonyule!

    Affliction Guard (Max 3 times)

    • (Flame) Affliction Guard
    • (Light) Affliction Guard
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  2. Harvest

    Harvest Moderator Staff Member

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    The Halidom Lv. 9
    I read this and I went to test it out. I have been unsuccessful in getting the same conditions to appear merged/colored differently on an equipped adventurer's details outside of battle. It's impossible to equip the exact same WP, even if one of the pair is MUB, so has anyone accidentally made it happen?

    Ok, I stacked a Lv 1, 0UB "How to Flee Properly" with a Lv1, MUB "Ironside Shield" and the Last Defense effects have merged into 1 with "+80%," in orange text. Still not sure exactly on how to merge abilities 100% of the time, however.​

    EDIT 2:
    After further testing, it would seem that the merged bonus effects are written in either blue (if merged effects are not capped) or orange (if merged effects are perfectly capped) text.

    So far, with what little WPs available to me, none of the "same condition, same bonus effect" that had been stacked to merge one of the bonuses actually merged when it went over the established limit.

    Another observation is that, of course, this "merging bonus" business is applicable only to effects that have conditions to be met. We have not verified if by "conditions to be met," meant things such as, "whether or not the bonus is active at this time judging by your the current % of your HP," or that it refers to, "buffs that can be gained by doing something mid fight such as Striker's/Slayer's Strength or Last Defense." After taking several pictures for comparison, I believe it's leaning towards the latter than the former.​
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  3. Harvest

    Harvest Moderator Staff Member

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    The Halidom Lv. 9
    Here's a list of most of the Maximum Values for every non-Raid/Facility event effects so far, in alphabetical order:

    • Blindness Res (Max 100%)
    • Bog Res (Max 100%)
    • Broken Punisher (Max 30%)
    • Brunhilda Res (Max 25%)
    • Buff Time (Max 30%)
    • Burn Res (Max 100%)
    • Burning Punisher (Max 30%)
    • Critical Damage (Max 25%)
    • Critical Rate (Max 15%)
    • Curse Res (Max 100%)
    • Defense (Max 20%)
    • Dragon Damage (Max 15%)
    • Dragon Time (Max 20%)
    • Energy Prep (Max V)
    • Flame Res (Max 15%)
    • Force Strike (Max 50%)
    • Freeze Res (Max 100%)
    • Gauge Accelerator (Max 35%)
    • Gauge Inhibitor (Max 50%)
    • High Brunhilda Res (Max 25%)
    • High Midgardsormr Res (Max 25%)
    • Jupiter Res (Max 25%)
    • Last Defense (Max 100%)
    • Last Offense (Max 60%)
    • Last Recovery (Max IV)
    • Light Res (Max 15%)
    • Mercury Res (Max 25%)
    • Midgardsormr Res (Max 25%)
    • Overdrive Punisher (Max 15%)
    • Paralysis Res (Max 100%)
    • Player EXP (Max 10%)
    • Poison Res (Max 100%)
    • Recovery Potency (Max 20%)
    • Shadow Res (Max 15%)
    • Shapeshift Prep (Max 10%)
    • Shield Prep (Max III)
    • Skill Damage (Max 40%)
    • Skill Haste (Max 15%)
    • Skill Prep (Max 100%)
    • Slayer's Strength (Max 6%)
    • Sleep Res (Max 100%)
    • Strength (Max 20%)
    • Strength Doublebuff (Max 15%)
    • Striker's Strength (Max 6%)
    • Striking Haste (Max 15%)
    • Stun Res (Max 100%)
    • Water Res (Max 15%)
    • Wind Res (Max 15%)
    • Zodiark Res (Max 25%)
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