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Discussion in 'Guides' started by Harvest, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. Harvest

    Harvest Moderator Staff Member

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    The Halidom Lv. 9
    So you want to farm Ma--I mean, help friends. Or you simply have no idea on Helpers, period. I should hope this half-assed guide will broaden your horizon somewhat because picking a Helper isn't so shallow a concept as one would think!

    What are Helpers?

    They are anointed avatars of friends and strangers whose sole purpose is to help their friends and/or strangers in their trials.
    Why use Helpers?

    They can make or break someone's solo run of any trial, event or not. Friends' Helpers give 3 uses while strangers' Helpers give a single use. Also, every moment they participate in someone's successful mission is an opportunity to gain more Mana daily. You get a max of 1,000 Mana through your Helper alone, and can earn a little more by using Helpers of others once a day (as long as they are tagged with a +Mana bonus during selection).
    How to Pick the Best Possible Helper.

    You have to ask yourself some questions;
    • "Is there an event?"
    • "Is there a period of Stamina Cost Reduction or Increased Recovery?"
    • "Where are the players likely farming today?"
    • "What is the Elemental Weakness?"
    • "Would the situation offered require players more killing power or more heals?"
    • "Who is anointing which adventurer and what (adventurer or element) is dominating the majority of my friends list?"
    These are important questions. The field of Mana farming is always evolving.

    Secondly, you must always consider the first skill of potential Helpers. The ones used most often have either a damaging skill or a heal in the first skill slot. Pure buffs on S1 has been deemed useless from a Helper unless they are tied to either aforementioned skill types (i.e. Halloween Elisanne).

    **Sole exception to this rule is Elisanne with the least amount of investment required but also the longest team-wide STR buff in the game with the most useful WP setup includes Buff Time and Dragon Prep. She really shines in The Mercurial Gauntlet.

    Get familiar with the Helper's S1 duration as some players may prefer using shorter iframes (Gamepedia has each skill's animation time listed for you). You also want to know their animation shape as well as the extra effects they give, if they have any at Lv 2-3.

    If you have a candidate to be a great helper, aim to have their S1 upgraded to Lv 2 at the very least. And please, for the love of all things righteous, (auto'd) 45mc does not always mean a Lv 3 S1 but 46-50mc = Lv 3 S1! That Lv 3 upgrade is in the middle of four Co-Ability upgrades. If you did 45mc but still have a Lv 2 S1, you were fooled by the Damascus Crystal node!! Beware of unintentionally using your Champion's Testaments!!!

    Of course, the more you know your adventurers' kits, the better understanding you'll have when picking out a helper!
    Equipping Weapons:

    It doesn't matter if your Helper is a healer or a damaging adventurer by their S1, get the best weapon you've got. A Tier 3 weapon of any rarity that's correctly paired with the Helper's elemental attribute will boost the offense/recovery a little more.

    Standard 5Weapons are considered best overall, but if there's an ability from the selections of Void Weapons that could give the Helper the slightest edge, go for it!
    Equipping Wyrmprints:

    It's not as shallow as picking out Weapons or Dragons.

    To make the most of your Helper's overall DMG or Recovery potential, you should look towards increasing their HP & Recovery Potency for healers and STR, Skill Damage, and/or Critical Rate/DMG Up for DPS. Be attentive to your Helper's kit to get a sense of direction that will get as close to fully realizing their combat potential. Do not choose of the WPs whose effects are locked behind buffs or high hit count.

    Any print that outlines a specific condition
    (i.e. "Full HP = +15% Healing") is applied upon the Helper's statistics and not from someone's lead adventurer. For example, WP such as Happier Times is considered bad for active use on any DPSer as they can be hit at any time and immediately lose the Skill DMG boost, but the Skill DMG applied to a Helper's S1 is preserved throughout a trial because the Helper's HP is always assumed 100%.

    With Double WP Equip now in effect (after chapter 4), you can stack similar bonus effects! However, you cannot stack the same exact WP, even if one of the two is MUB, and the effects gained are only raised up until a certain point. You should also know that regardless of whether or not there's a condition to be met, no matter what, you cannot exceed the outlined boundaries alone for the effects to be gained.

    • Critical Damage: up to +25%
    • Critical Rate: up to +15%
    • Healing/Recovery Potency: up to +20%
    • Skill Damage: up to +40%
    • STR: up to +20%
    **There is an unsaid agreement that putting Dragon Shapeshift WPs on your Helper actually affects the Dragon Meter of friends/strangers, allowing them to shapeshift sooner in their trials. Makes sense as the effects are similarly realized through Special Raid battles and the DPrep Strategy.

    **It is confirmed that using certain WPs with an increased point accumulation rate for specific Facility events on your helper does not affect the points gained for your friends.

    There is still some researching that needs to be done, but mix and match to your heart's content! Do not worry if you cannot perfectly puzzle the WPs to a T, but having most of the effects available is better than having excess that's not being used.
    Equipping Dragons:

    It's not hard to figure out, but I'll humor it. As always, pair dragon to adventurer by element. As much STR boost a dragon (some Crit Rate/DMG Up is great depending on the adventurer's kit) will offer for damaging Helpers and likewise with HP boost for healer Helpers. Hybrids are the next best option for either types of Helpers, but anything else is likely a definitive no.

    Those of you wondering why you want more HP for your healers... Apparently healing scales far more off of the adventurer's HP than STR, but is still combined. Here's a formula I found.
    Closing Remarks
    If it's off event for whatever reason, you don't really have to worry so much about who to put out for your Helper. You can decide to pick your best Waifu or Husbando and not change for the rest of eternity; no one is stopping you. But if you care for that sweet sweet Mana... eh, you can figure out your plan of attack just as I did.

    Also, this thread is open to discussion as well as any welcome improvements in the information. Please keep the discussion civil.
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