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Platinum Showcase 【Guide】

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Akalla, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. Akalla

    Akalla Moderator Staff Member

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    Platinum Showcase is a exclusive Summon Banner that gives the player a guaranteed 5☆ Dragon, Adventurer, or Wyrmprint.
    This Summon Banner can only be used once a define period. Once the current banner disappears due to the Active Period’s Duration, players will have the chance to summon again in a new exclusive Sumon Banner once a new one appears.

    During this special Summon Banner, a player can spend a maximum of 4500 Diamantium, 3 Summons. This Summon Banner has 3 resets, Adventurer, Dragon, and Wrymprint. Depending on the period of time, a player will be able to summon for a guaranteed 5☆ depending on the date.

    If a player summoned during 11/22 00:00 to 11/24 23:59, then they will be guaranteed ONLY a 5☆ Adventurer.
    If a player wanted a guaranteed 5☆ Dragon, then they would have to wait till 11/28 00:00 to 11/30 23:59.

    Once summoned, a player cannot do another Tenfold Summon till there is a reset, which means if a player summoned for a guaranteed 5☆ Adventurer, then they would have to wait till the date changes to the Wrymprints or Dragon Summoning in order to summon once more.
    (If there is a need for more clarification, please send a PM, reply in the guide, or refer to the Update Logs In Dragalia Lost)

    The player has the possibility of getting duplicates, so beware. As usual, if you get duplicate Adventurers, then you will receive Eldwater based on the Adventurer’s Star Count.

    How To Summon
    Mentioned previously, players can only summon ONCE per banner, and players can only summon from this banner using a Tenfold Summon
    In order to Tenfold Summon, players will need to PURCHASE an in game currency called Daimantium using real money. This idea of summoning will not favor F2P, but that won’t effect a F2P’s preformance in game. Casuals, but mostly Whales, will benefit the most out of this exclusive Summon Banner.

    How To Get Daimantium
    In order to get Daimantium, players will need to purchase it from the game. To purchase, go to Home, click on the Shop icon, touch the Daimantium & Luxury Items box, and purchase the amount of Daimantium one desires.

    (United States = U.S Dollars)

    (Canada = Canadian Dollar)
    (Depending on the player’s location, the amount of money needed to purchase Diamantium will differ, but the deal won’t change)

    A Note For Future Purchasers: Welcome Pack
    For Players who wish to purchase from the exclusive Summon Banner, here is ONE piece of advice. It is highly recommended for players, if they haven’t already, to purchase the Welcome Pack.
    The Welcome Pack is highly recommended if players want to journey beyond the status of F2P. With a small amount of money, the player can purchase a guaranteed 5Voucher and 1500 Diamantium. This deal should be the first thing a player purchases, if they haven’t, if they want to summon in the Platinum Showcase for the first time. By purchasing the Welcome Pack, the player gets 1 free 5☆ Dragon, Adventurer, or Wyrmprint, while also gaining 1500 Diamantium, enough to make a Tenfold Summon. Although the Welcome Pack is a 1 time deal, the player can purchase 1500 Diamantium for a CHEAPER price, while also getting a bonus, which is the 5Voucher.

    (United States = U.S Dollar)

    (Canada = Canadian Dollar)

    Taking a look at the cost comparisons, it is better to purchase the Welcome Pack, if one hasn’t already, if a player plans to purchase in the Platinum Showcase.

    Please be WISE with the amount of money spent on this game.

    (A History of every Platinum Showcase will be shown in this thread here)
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  2. AyakoRyu

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    Thank you for the information

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