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Quick tips for new casual player

Discussion in 'Guides' started by luciel, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. luciel

    luciel New Member

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    just sharing some tips..

    1. Reroll until you get the unit/dragon/wyrmprint that you want
    i played using our main story unit, original dragon (free + juggernaut), currently finished the 3rd chapter without any difficulties
    EDIT : after i tried continue chapter 5.. it is getting hard to just using story free unit.. lulz.. so i suggest you to have 5* as free unit summon or along with the summon..

    2. This game contain 3 elements to the gatcha.. gosh.. with 5 as higher rarity
    • adventure (unit), i called them unit for shorther
    • dragon
    • wyrmprint

    3. play thru the main story, it will unlock feature by feature
    • auto battling
      • this is nice, while auto battling, you can still control you main unit to break the barrel/tree
      • because auto battling will skip all the barrel/dragon statue/etc
    • the castle
      • build and upgrade several facility
    • upgrade
      • to upgrade lvl your adventure
      • to upgrade lvl your weapon
      • craft new weapon with higher rarity (need to lvling up smithy in castle)
        • in crafting section, you can craft weapon and you can enhance weapon.. enhance weapon need max lvl and max bound of weapon.. this will grant you elemental weapon
      • mana circle
        • use mana to boost permanent stat and skill and unlock new story
      • lvling wyrmprint
      • lvling dragon
        • lvling require dragonfruit, which can be gain from dragontree in your castle
    • event stage
      • ex : battling dragon, which the loot can be exchange in shop

    4. to upgrade max level from weapon, wyrmprint, you can unbind them with the same weapon/wyrmprint

    5. to set your lead -> more -> friends -> helper setting
    when you want to combine the weapon/dragon/wyrmprint, but the game doesn't let you saying it is equip but there is no equip note in the picture, check you equipment of your lead.. usually your lead is the one carrying them..
    your lead equipment is independent from your unit in the team.. changing equipment unit in the team doesn't change your lead equipment.. you need manually go to set the lead and change there

    6. in the map, you need to slice/destroy all the barrel, box, tree, to gain the restorative hp, rupie, loot
    destroy the dragon statue to boost your dragon gauge
    sometimes you can see the barrel/box in the land which you cannot access, switch your unit that have long range like cleo, then attack the barrel from afar

    7. to switch unit, you can tap your unit picture in bottom left/right

    8. you can gain daily bonus in event stage (ex : avenue to power / avenue to fortune / elemental ruin)
    make sure you play it daily.. you can see the daily bonus chest in the related banner

    9. you can gain the elemental orb and resource to level up, in the related event stage
    • elemental orb require to unbind the mana circle and to upgrade facility in the castle

    10. make sure you go to shop and summon the item once/day for free

    11. castle
    • wyrmworker, you have 2 as default, can be increase max 5 with wrymite
      • 1 worker require to build/upgrade 1 facility at the time.. so if you have 5, you can upgrade/build 5 facility in the same time
    • halidon, priority to level up, need talonstone!!
      • talonstone can be acquire from gifting your dragon in dragon roost (you cannot miss it, its big enough floating in the castle screen, or you can directly go from castle menu
      • leveling halidom will require to upgrade the total other lvl facilites (mine, tree, altar, etc)
    • rupie mines, level up them
    • dragontree
      • require talonstone
      • will gift you dragonfruit which necesary to lvling up your dragon
    • elemental altar, for boost your unit
    • smithy
      • require to unlock crafting weapon with higher rarity
      • the max lvl of smithy will follow the lvl of halidom
    • Dojo, buff unit based on weapon
    • Dracolith, buff your dragon form

    12. dragon rooster
    you need to gift them daily, there is a free gift daily and gift which require rupie
    your dragon will/may gift you talonstone which important to upgrade halidom and dragontree

    13. fire > wind > water > fire light <-> dark
    each of your main unit cover all the elemental,
    you can see the tyoe of enemies before entering the battle, then you can form your team to best them.. optimize work too

    14. equipping dragon that match your elemental will give you special, also equip the same elemental of your weapon (?)
    ex : equip firewyrm and fire sword to your main unit that have fire elemental

    15. don't forget do your daily mission for free wyrmite, the free valuable resource.. you can buy the wyrmite, but it called with another name.. i don't bothered with this one

    16. Join co-op will require wings(?) to play, while create a room will require normal stamina
    you cannot use auto battle during co-op
    We will have co-op event the near future iirc, or prolly already begin
    in co-op event, you can befriend the unit that appear in the event and if the relationship high enough, they will join your party

    17. The unit also have different role, but put a healer if necessary to maintain your hp

    18. when you see barrier cover the enemy, you need to use force strike to break it, tap and hold the screen until you see the arrow, then strike the enemy by release your hold
    Force strike can be learned in mana circle

    19. the boss state : normal -> you keep attacking and it will go into overdrive state which buff the boss -> unleash you special/dragon form and keep attacking into broke state -> the boss is become more vulnerable

    thats a lil bit of what i know.. lulz..
    hopefully can enlight new player..
    may or may not be update..
    *just trying to fill the forum.. lulz..
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
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  2. AaronUS

    AaronUS Moderator Staff Member

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    It's a start. And a good one. Keep it going. Perhaps worth noting similarities to an RPG game where you build up your characters "upgrade". Daily play and characters will get stronger over time as you build up. Literally as you develop your kingdom. Other tips are do the daily dungeons and endeavors you'll be glad you did as the rewards pile up.

    Each day of the week is tied to a different element and Sundays take advantaqe of all opened up. So get those colored orbs you are needing to keep building building building.
    Dragon Trials and Empire Onslaught are not tied to specifics.

    One last tip, always enter events. I know there's this main game going on, but certain units were featured this last one like Water, it also gave out fire orbs.. good for building up those fire shrines *wink wink*
    This event same thing, Light units featured and giving out dark orbs.

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