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Quick tips for RAID

Discussion in 'Guides' started by luciel, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. luciel

    luciel New Member

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    our first raid event, horray

    this raid will need a co-op, so you must unlock the co-op feature by progressing thru story event
    1. Enter the raid event
    2. you can directly join co-op
      • require "wings" if you join room
      • require otherworld fragment and stamina
    3. play thru "view quest"
      • you will get a character event, which every time you use the character, s/he will gain friendship, when you max the friendship, they will join your team permanently after the event end.. if the friendship not max, they will leave your party and you cannot get back the item/resource you put to level s/he up
      • play thru the story event until you get "BOSS BATTLE" -> you will get otherworld fragment when you win, which require to create a co-op room for this raid
      • when you hit the "RAID BATTLE" -> you will force to create a room or join one
    4. Emblem -> you can get them from battle
      • you can trade with item
    5. Blazon Summon -> you can get them from battle
      • you can use them to summon new dragon and new wyrmprint
      • if you obtain the dragon, you can reset the summon up to 4 times.. reset #5 and onward require that all the box's contents have been summoned, and also the dragon won't contain dragon anymore
    6. Limited quest related to the raid event

    conclusion :
    • max friendship with the character event
    • get the 4x dragon from blazon summon
    • get all the milestone from emblem
    • battle the boss (solo or Co-Op) to get otherworld fragment
    • use otherworld fragment to create room for raid (or join room with wings)

    Happy raiding..
    #i'm wondering if we should create a room for our forum.. ^^
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
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  2. KeybladeMaster0

    KeybladeMaster0 New Member

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    Thanks for the info. Also i think that is a great idea
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