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Rerun PSA: You can Friend the guys you missed the first time.

Discussion in 'General' started by AaronUS, May 22, 2019.

  1. AaronUS

    AaronUS Moderator Staff Member

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    I literally had 473 out of 500 friend points when the event ended (orignially) its allowed me to resume and get the character @ 500. No where in my wildest dreams would I imagine that.

    Also that I nabbed Lucretia before now, never would have guessed way back when. But thanks to the lower cost and recent pulls and pulls for FEH collab.

    Before I invested a bunch of time/kept playing regularly. Getting 500 points was a real struggle if you don't or couldn't start with max level missions all the time. Sure it's a breeze now, but it wasn't for me way back when.
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  2. Harvest

    Harvest Moderator Staff Member

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    The Halidom Lv. 9
    Oh yeah, it's great that the game remembers the progress for those who were unable to make friends before the event expires. Inagine the tantrums that would have spawned...

    Also. Just so everyone here knows, it seems that the fastest way to build up the friendship meter is directly affected by how much a trial will cost stamina-wise. The more Stamina you spend per successful fight, the faster the Friendship Meter fills up.

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