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u/ThePasserbie's Void Zephyr Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Harvest, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. Harvest

    Harvest Moderator Staff Member

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    The Halidom Lv. 9
    Copied from Reddit (2/24/2019) for safekeeping. Thank you for the extensive effort, u/ThePasserbie, and everyone else's contribution.
    Original Reddit Post Here.

    The Enemy

    Void Zephyr is a Wind element Dragon with the abilities Dull and Dragon Delay.

    Dull and Dragon Delay are not standard afflictions, and thus cannot be blocked by a shield skill.

    Dull drastically reduces your character's strength (estimated to 1/10th of the original damage) for a period of time when any of Zephyr's attack connects. Dragon Delay reduces a portion (estimated 30%) of your Dragon Gauge when any of Zephyr's attack connects. Zephyr can also inflict Sleep with his tornado attacks. Void Zephyr can be Burned, but besides Burn, is completely immune to other standard afflictions. Special effects of skills or attacks that do not count as standard afflictions can still be inflicted (Bleed, Strength Down, Defense Down... etc.), although it is not a good idea to use an off-element adventure for the sake of inflicting these special effects.

    Recommended Weapons
    Recommended equipment are those that have the abilities (Flame) Dull Res and (Flame) Dragon Delay Res.

    (Flame) Dull Res should be prioritized over (Flame) Dragon Delay Res for Daggers.

    An Axe with either ability does not exist at the time of writing.

    Sword - Molten Ingot | Blade - Blazing Steel | Dagger - Big Boy of Justice | Staff - Ashchant

    Crafting materials for (Flame) Dull Res weapons are obtained from Steel Golem Strike.

    For a melee character, a (Flame) Dull Res weapon is a requirement, not a recommendation.

    These weapons completely prevent Dulling.

    Dagger - Sizzling Enoki Dagger | Spear - Triggerspore Lance | Bow - Blaze Fungus | Wand - The Second Wail

    Crafting materials for (Flame) Dragon Delay Res weapons are obtained from Wandering Mushroom Strike.

    Bow and Wand characters don't have to worry about Void Zephyr's melee attack inflicting Dull as much due to their range, compared to Dagger and Lance characters.

    Dagger characters should go for Big Boy of Justice over Sizzling Enoki Dagger.

    There are no suitable Fire Lance characters for Void Zephyr Strike. Alain has retreated.

    These weapons completely prevent Dragon Delaying.

    Recommended Adventurers/Team Composition
    DPS Tank - Naveed, Ezelith, Karl, Mikoto

    Close range characters that can equip weapons with (Flame) Dull Res will serve a hybrid role of DPS and tank in this fight. A weapon with (Flame) Dull Res is absolutely essential for these characters, since Void Zephyr's melee attack is nigh impossible to dodge and Dulls. Naveed, Ezelith, and Karl in particular have 100% Sleep Resistance. Naveed's defense self-buff is particularly useful for taking Void Zephyr's Overdrive attacks. Ezelith, being a genius, can jump her way out of an "unavoidable attack" (Savage Squall) with her skill, Howling Meteor. Ezelith can also inflict Defense Down and Karl has a whole team Strength buff, both of which can boost the team's damage output. Melsa and Aoi are notable 3* options with 50% Sleep Resistance, which can be increased to 100% with a fully unbound Samurai Siesta. Mikoto does not have Sleep Resistance, but Zephyr's tornado attacks aren't too difficult to dodge - and only those inflict Sleep.

    Buff Support - G!Sarisse, Sinoa

    G!Sarisse and Sinoa both come with useful team buffs and 100% Sleep Resistance. G!Sarisse is preferred over Sinoa, because G!Sarisse provides predictable and consistent team buffs (Strength -> Defense -> Strength... etc.), while Sinoa's whole team buff has random effects. Being long-range characters, they do not have to worry about Zephyr's melee attacks inflicting Dull. However, Zephyr has two unavoidable attacks when in Overdrive, so G!Sarisse and Sinoa cannot be reliable options for breaking Void Zephyr. Both of these characters have weapons with (Flame) Dragon Delay Res. Save the Dragon for when you need it, either when Void Zephyr is in Break for extra damage, or to prevent your character from being Dulled by an unavoidable attack when Void Zephyr goes into Overdrive.

    Burn Support - Joe, V!Orion

    Despite being 3* characters, Joe and V!Orion are the only two characters than can reliably exploit Void Zephyr's weakness to Burn. Joe is a Bow character on the frail side, and requires staying at full HP as much as possible for his passive that adds 40% Burn chance to be active. Even without the passive being active, Joe can still inflict Burn with his skill, Burning Arrow. V!Orion is a sword character and a hybrid unit that can serve as Burn support and DPS tank with his skills - Spinning Brûlée that inflicts Burn, and Sweet Protection that provides a whole team Defense buff. Neither Joe nor V!Orion have particularly impressive stats on their own. However, the free Valentine's event Wrymprint Elegant Escort has Burning Punisher +25%, providing a sizable boost to their damage output. This is on top of the DoT by inflicting Burn, so they are not to be underestimated. In a coordinated private room, all non-Healer players can equip their own copy of Elegant Escort (since the event only gave out one copy of the print per player), making Burn Support characters especially valuable.

    Healer - V!Hildegarde, Verica

    The only two Fire healers, and neither have Sleep Resistance. Aurien who? However, Void Zephyr's tornado attacks aren't too difficult to dodge, so that shouldn't be a big problem. V!Hildegarde is preferred over Verica, because V!Hildegarde's shield skill Holy Protection can be used to negate the knock back from one of Void Zephyr's unavoidable attacks, and negate the damage with a high enough HP or defense. V!Hildegarde's Force Strike also has a Strength down effect that activates 70% of the time, which can make Void Zephyr's unavoidable attacks hurt just a little less. If the team Healer dies early into the fight (before the second Break phase), you probably want to quit.

    Recommended Team Composition - DPS / DPS or Support / DPS or Support / Healer

    A Healer is absolutely essential in the team composition, because Void Zephyr has two unavoidable attacks, so the team will need healing. Two Healers and there likely won't be enough damage and the team will time out. If the room owner is a Healer and uses the "Offense Please" sticker, use a non-Healer or quit the room (if your only prepped character is a Healer). A Support character is not strictly essential, but highly recommended due to buffing the effectiveness of the DPS characters while also dealing damage themselves. Support characters also don't strictly require a new weapon with (Flame) Dragon Delay Res crafted for them, but it is highly recommended nonetheless for the two occasions mentioned in the Support character section. There needs to be at least one DPS Tank to draw Void Zephyr's melee attacks away from the Support or Healer characters.

    Recommended Wrymprints
    Burning Punisher +25% - Elegant Escort (Budget)

    Adds 25% more damage against Burned enemies. Elegant Escort is notable for being the only Wrymprint to have Burning Punisher. On top of that, Elegant Escort is also a free event print. In a coordinated private room with a Burn support character, each player (besides the Healer) can equip their own copy of Burning Punisher for an almost constant 25% damage increase, making Elegant Escort potentially the strongest Wrymprint for players looking to speed clear Void Zephyr Strike.

    Sleep Res +X% - Samurai Siesta

    Samurai Siesta adds 40% Sleep Resistance, or 50% when fully unbound. It is the only Wrymprint to give a significant enough resistance to Sleep. To have Sleep inflicted on your character is almost always a death sentence in Void Zephyr Strike. However, Void Zephyr only inflicts sleep with his tornado attacks, which are relatively simple to avoid. Consider only using Samurai Siesta for purposes of learning the attack rotations, and switch to an offensive Wrymprint for serious clear attempts to prevent timing out.

    Force Strike +X% - Nightstalker, Stellar Show, The Warrioresses, Lunar Festivities, Fresh Perspective

    Force Strike damage boosting Wrymprints are especially good for DPS tank characters to chew through Void Zephyr's Overdrive Bar with. Lunar Festivities is especially notable for also having Striking Haste at the same time, which rewards Force Strike spamming with charging up the skill gauge faster and thus giving the character more iframes to work with.

    HP 70% = Strength + X% - Crystalian Envoy, Jewels of the Sun, Astounding Trick (Budget)

    A Strength buff when the character is at above 70% HP, self-explanatory. Astounding Trick is especially notable for being a free event print. Jewels of the Sun has less of a buff compared to Crystalian Envoy or Astounding Trick, but it also comes with a Skill Haste effect.

    Skill Damage + X% - Resounding Rendition, Valiant Crown, Heralds of Hinomoto, Luca's Prank, Plunder Pals (Budget)

    A percent increase to skill damage, self-explanatory. Plunder Pals is especially notable for being a free event print. Resounding Rendition adds a bit of Critical Rate, Valiant Crown buffs Strength whenever a Defense buff is received, and Heralds of Hinomoto comes with a Skill Haste effect.

    Recovery Potency + X% - Give Me Your Wounded, Louise's Hobbies (Budget), Take My Hand (Budget)

    A percent increase to Recovery Potency for Healing skills, self-explanatory. Louise's Hobbies and Take My Hand are notable for being free event prints. Give Me Your Wounded adds a Defense buff when the character is at full HP, which can be useful for Healer characters to take less damage from Void Zephyr's unavoidable attacks, provided they haven't been hit by anything prior.

    Normal Moveset
    Melee Attack 1

    Void Zephyr performs a dash, then a wing attack in front of where it is facing. No indicators.

    Melee Attack 2

    Void Zephyr performs a quick spinning attack around itself. Red circle indicator with the center being Void Zephyr.

    Tornado Attack 1

    Three red circle indicators appear directly under the locations of three randomly selected characters but do not follow the players. When the indicator is filled, a tornado appears that stays in place for a few seconds before disappearing. Melee characters should use skill iframes when this attack happens to keep up their damage and combo.

    Tornado Attack 2

    Three red circle indicators appear at random locations. When the indicator is filled, a tornado appears that stays in place for a few seconds before disappearing.

    Overdrive Moveset

    Omni-Directional Tornado

    Purple rectangular indicators expand outwards from Void Zephyr in a clock-wise order. When each indicator is filled, a tornado starts from Void Zephyr and moves outwards towards the edge of the stage quickly. Stay away from Void Zephyr in one of the small triangular safe spots between the purple indicators, or dodge in a clock-wise circle pattern near Void Zephyr.

    Savage Squall

    One of Void Zephyr's unavoidable attacks. Hits all players at once and has strong knock back. The knock back can be negated by a shield skill, however. A shield skill can also negate the damage with a high enough HP or defense. The knock back can also be negated by charging your Force Strike. Characters that jump during their skill animations(for example, Ezelith's Howling Meteor) can dodge Savage Squall if timed well, making this attack technically avoidable.

    Howling Vortex

    Void Zephyr's second unavoidable attack. This attack appears with a red indicator, but cannot be dodged by skill i-frames! The red indicator and target mark will follow around one random player and will always hit the targeted player. The attack deals a fixed amount of damage that is divided among the characters hit by it. This means the other three characters that are not targeted by the attack should intentionally get within the red indicator so the damage is split between all characters, and the attack is survivable. Otherwise, if other characters do not split the damage, the targeted character will die for sure. If the team manages to Break Void Zephyr during the targeting phaseof this attack, Howling Vortex will not do damage.

    Attack Pattern/Rotation
    Void Zephyr follows a choreographed pattern of attacks, starting with the normal pattern, changing to the Overdrive pattern, then back to the normal pattern once it recovers from Break.

    Normal Pattern (Repeats until Overdrive)

    Melee Attack 1 (Front) -> Tornado 1 (Targeted) -> Tornado 2 (Random Location) -> Melee Attack 2 (Spin) ->

    Melee Attack 1 (Front) -> Tornado 1 (Targeted) -> Melee Attack 2 (Spin) -> Repeat from start of normal pattern

    Overdrive Pattern

    Savage Squall (Knock back) -> Melee Attack 1 (Front) -> Omni-Directional Tornado (Purple) ->

    Tornado 2 (Random Location) -> Howling Vortex (Homing) -> Overdrive repeat pattern twice ->

    Repeat from the start of Overdrive Pattern (Savage Squall)

    Overdrive Repeat Pattern (Repeats until Break or the next Savage Squall)

    Tornado 1 (Targeted) -> Melee Attack 1 (Front) -> Melee Attack 2 (Spin) ->

    Tornado 2 (Random Location) -> Repeat from start of Overdrive repeat pattern

    Clear Video

    Comment below or send me a PM to let me know if you have any suggestions!

    If anyone has higher resolution screenshots I can replace these pictures with, that would be highly appreciated.

    The attack pattern is based on my own experience and comments, please post if you find any inconsistencies!


    Thanks to u/TheUndeadFish for the suggestion of adding an attack pattern and sharing their experience with the pattern.

    Thanks to u/Neofalcon2 for the suggestion regarding team composition.

    Thanks to u/0ptriX for the information about charging a Force Strike negating Savage Squall's knock back.

    Thanks to u/glazierd130 for adding that Shapeshifting can also be useful for preventing the Dull effect.

    Thanks to u/WitchRolina for the note that there should only be one Healer in each room.

    Thanks to u/resto_drood for mentioning that Ezelith can dodge Savage Squall with Howling Meteor.

    Thanks to u/SkyKnighTKD and u/Redicecream adding that Howling Vortex's damage can be avoided by Break.

    Thanks to u/Falkathor for adding his perspective on Burn inflicting characters.
  2. Harvest

    Harvest Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    The Halidom Lv. 9
    Credit belongs to all these Reddit Users; not mine!

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