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Upgrading - The Basics

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Yilun, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Yilun

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    Hey everyone - we're all probably new to the game and new to the forums here. Since there hasn't been a wealth of knowledge-share so far in the community, I hope this will help serve those who are just starting to pick this game up.

    You can upgrade several elements in the game. I'm going to attempt to give everyone a brief summary about how these upgrades work. Here are the following list of what you can upgrade and what they entail:
    • Adventurers
    • Weapons
    • Wyrmprints
    • Mana Circles
    • Crafting
    • Dragons

    These are basically your units. When you click on Upgrade -> Adventurers, you will see a list of your entire "pokedex" so to speak. Select the unit you want to upgrade by clicking on the respective unit profile pic (or avatar). Whatever upgrade materials you have available in your inventory will be presented on the screen for you to consume.

    You can also "promote" your units. However, your unit avatar won't be highlighted unless you have the necessary available materials for said promotion. Promotions typically will use elderwater. There may be more opportunities to get them in future events but so far, in the early stages of the game, it has mostly been an item that you can purchase with $ or receive during the gacha summons. By clicking on each unit's profile under the promotion section, you will see the required amount of elderwater.

    Clicking on Upgrade -> Weapons will reveal all of the weapons you currently have in your inventory. Each weapon will start off with a maximum cap to its level. Let's say a beginner sword will start off at level 1/20. There are 2 ways to level up a weapon. You can either use specific weapon upgrade materials to upgrade the weapon level or fuse other weapons into it as well.

    Once you reach the maximum level of 20/20, you can no longer upgrade the weapon in its current state. However, you can unbind the weapon. Unbinding is essentially raising the maximum level cap of the weapon. Each weapon can be unbound a specific number of times by fusing duplicate copies of the same weapon into itself. There is an option to "Unbind" within the weapon upgrade menu where this can be achieved. For example, taking the same beginner sword you have finished leveling to 20/20, you can unbind it up to 4 times with duplicate copies of itself to raise the maximum level cap of the weapon from 20 to 40. After this process, you can continue to upgrade your weapon until it achieves the maximum level of 40/40. At such point, the game will notify you that you have reached the maximum level of the current state of the weapon.

    Clicking on Upgrade -> Crafting will take you to the crafting menu. This menu will be available once you've gotten far enough in the story to unlock the blacksmith tutorial. There will be an option on the top called "Enhance". If you click on that, you can view the weapons that you can enhance. The beginner sword mentioned in the previous example with a maxed 4/4 unbound state and 40/40 level can now be enhanced to a new "tier". When you do this, the weapon evolves into a stronger form but resets back to 0 unbound state and level 1. While the weapon will be temporarily weaker after the evolution, its potential will be significantly higher than the previous tier when you eventually fully max it. By repeating this process and obtaining multiple copies of the Tier 2 weapon, you can now further unbind the Tier 2, evolved version, raising the maximum level cap. A fully unbound and max leveled Tier 2 weapon can then be further enhanced to Tier 3, so on and so forth. At Tier 3, the weapon will gain an element. Keep in mind that it is best to understand who will be wielding said weapon. It is highly recommended to match the element type of the weapon to the unit who will be using it for the bonus passive benefits you'll gain, so plan accordingly. Also keep in mind that you should probably evolve a weapon to a new Tier if you have enough upgrade materials/resources to further level it. Otherwise, while you will have a higher tiered weapon, it will be stuck at level 1 and potentially much weaker than the max leveled weapon prior to the evolution. In short, depending on your situation, using a maxed leveled/unbound Tier 2 weapon could be better than be stuck with a Tier 3 weapon with minimal stats. Something to keep in mind.

    If you're familiar with Final Fantasy games, these are basically equivalent to "materia" that you can equip on your units for boosted parameters. In short, you can essentially equip a wymprint and it serves as a stat-booster to the unit. Clicking on Upgrades -> Wyrmprint allows you to level up your wyrmprints as well.

    Similar to the other upgrade constructs, you can either fuse specific wyrmprint upgrade materials or other fellow wyrmprints to increase the level. Also similar to other upgrades, fusing a duplicate wyrmprint into itself will unbind it and increase the maximum level cap of said wyrmprint. Wyrmprints are also ranked by stars. The higher the stars rarity, the sexier the stats/abilities that it boosts your units with.

    Mana Circles:
    This is essentially where you will spend your resource called "mana" to upgrade your units' abilities, skills, and stats. Each node in the circle will empower your unit with new stats or abilities when unlocked. Once you've unlocked all nodes within a mana circle ring, you will be allowed to "unbind" the ring and move onto the next level. Each mana circle level you progress upwards will yield stronger abilities to unlock but it will also cost significantly more mana as well. Unbinding a new layer of mana circle will require materials. The game will tell you how much is required and how much you own. If you're short, click on the required upgrade material in question and you can look-up where to farm it in-game. Most of these materials can be found either in the Dragon trials or the Elemental dungeons that are open for farming upgrade materials.

    It goes without saying that this is an essential growth process for every unit. It is highly recommended to look up the abilities that each unit you own possesses and plan accordingly on who you want to go after first. Certain abilities such as healers are more critical early on for survival than a typical damage dealer, for example. A quick and dirty category cheat sheet that I'm using can be found here

    We briefly touched upon crafting earlier as we discussed the process of enhancing weapons. However, you can also use the blacksmith to craft net-new weapons as well. As you level up the blacksmith, more available weapons are unlocked for you to craft. Clicking on Upgrade -> Crafting will take you to this menu where you can see all the different weapon types available to craft. Obviously, each weapon has its own set of required materials/resources needed to craft. Those requirements will get more stricter and rarer as you progress up to the more rare weapons. You can upgrade your blacksmith level by clicking on the "Castles" button in the main menu. Tap on the blacksmith that the tutorial showed you how to build and click on the level-up option. Please note, you need to upgrade your castle as pre-requisite to upgrading your blacksmith.

    As a side note, castles can only be upgraded if you have a specific set of upgrade materials and an adequate facility level. Facility level can be seen on the upper left hand corner when you're in the Castle map. You can raise your facility level by upgrading any buildings that you have. Each upgrade (level up) increases your facility level. For example, you will need at least a facility level of 40 to upgrade your castle to level 2.

    Similar to units, dragons can be upgraded as well. There are different factors to consider when upgrading your dragons. First, you can upgrade your dragon's level similar to the way you upgrade your units. Click on Upgrade -> Dragons to bring up the list of dragons in your inventory. Click on the desired dragon to upgrade. You can level them up using specific materials or fusing other dragons into it. However, I would recommend not fusing higher-tiered dragons as experience fodder. Unless they are lesser dragons (imps, drakes) that are commonly gotten in summon seals, it's better to save the rarer dragons as unbinding material for themselves. Dragonfruit upgrade materials can be harvested in the Castle menu from the Dragontree which you can build early on. You can also farm more rare dragon fruit upgrade materials by completing the Dragon Trials in the Events section of the game.

    Speaking of unbinding, it works in similar ways. Fusing a duplicate copy of a dragon into itself will unbind it and raise the maximum level cap for the dragon. In short, you can probably get away with sacrificing lesser tiered dragons as experience fodder for your higher tiered dragons. You'll primarily be using dragon fruit to upgrade your dragons.

    You also need to raise your compatibility with dragons. Click on Castle -> Dragonroost to enter your nest where you can cycle through the list of dragons you own. Everyday, you can give a selected dragon a series of gifts. These gifts will increase the compatibility level between you and the dragon. The higher the level, the more benefits you gain when wielding the dragon such as increased time in "dragon form" when summoned. Also, as a token of their appreciation for your gifts, the dragons will randomly give you some items back as well. These could vary and range from upgrade materials, mana, or other things.
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