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Void Battle: Void Agni Strike

Discussion in 'Raids & Missions' started by Harvest, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Harvest

    Harvest Moderator Staff Member

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    The Halidom Lv. 9
    This "Guide" is incomplete
    Boss: Agni

    Epitaph: Agni Annihilator
    Element: Flame
    Race: Dragon
    Ailment(s): Stun
    Ailment Weakness(es):
    • Only Bog, but it's moderately effective. Everything else is ineffective.
    Team Might / Individual Might: 12500 / 3125

    • Scorching Air - An AoE DoT with the boss at the heart. Always active.
    • Skill Resistance - Significantly reduces DMG taken from Skills.

    • Heat Seeker - Extremely large purple AoEs that center on each adventurer. Nearly covers 25% of the arena.
    • ??? - Targets the furthest adventurer from the boss and fires three fast purple missiles. Not Iframe-able, but can be dodged with correct timing. By the second time it comes around, it will leave arena-hazard trails in form of narrow burns on the floor.
    • Heavy Eruption - A mix of red and purple mini AoE. Only the purple ones are a delayed homing AoE that targets the most distant adventurers and spawns cooled, stalagmite-like magma. Precedes Coronal Ignition.
    • Coronal Ignition - An arena-wide AoE that flows outward from Agni.

    1. Have at least one Melee on board. 3 Xanders and a ranged is enough for an Epithet run.
    2. Lily's, while possible to get an epithet run with her on board, are highly frowned upon. She is perfectly ill-suited for this situation, and running her with PUBs will only lead to more frustration. If you have to bring a Wand user, at least make it D!Xander to be more useful to the team aside being ranged bait and pitiful basic damage/FS.
    3. Only Sword, Blade, and Dagger have a Weapon made specifically to counter Scorching Air. Melee is the easiest role. FS and slap Agni with your weapon as often as possible, saving any damaging skill for iframes alone.
    4. It's possible to use a Lance user as they can poke Agni from right outside the borders.
    5. You're either Healer (V!Hildegarde, Verica, Thaniel, Ricardt), or you're a Bow user (Laranoa, D!Nefaria, Waike) for ranged. Be prepared to bait some really fast purple missiles if Agni ends up focusing on you.
    6. Opening Fireballs; literally a "Baby's first bullet hell." Ranged, if you cannot handle the dodging, just immediately run around Scorching Air to his sides (almost to his flank for good measure). He will fire them from your right to your left. Melee can just run straight towards him and roll behind before he spits.
    7. Spread out during Heat Seeker. Only one melee adventurer can have the luxury to sit on top of Agni's position and continue to attack him. Those that sit close by will have to be either the next melee adventurers, if there's more than one, or the healer to get a heal up if they haven't already. The bow user (or, by chance it's D!Xander) will have to sit across from Agni in the meantime.
    8. Heavy Eruption is not hard to evade, but the delayed homing purple mini-AoEs can scare some ranged players (if there's none, the furthest melee player from Agni at the time). If you're already clear from a red AoE, stay calm just sit tight right until the last breathable moment to roll away. Once it fires, it'll leave a cooled magma tower in place. Please smartly bait the cold magma tower at the border of Scorching Air for your ranged to safely hit/FS Agni all the while!
    9. You can spare your healer of extra stress of healing by rolling or sprinting to the nearest cold magma tower left behind from Heavy Eruption before Coronal Ignition explodes. An absolute must for Ranged, but if you're a sturdy Xander, you can face tank this blast.
    10. Of course, if you're melee, FS the living daylights out of Agni, regardless of whether or not he is in OD. OD breaks faster by FS, if you haven't already heard. Breaking OD can also cancel Coronal Ignition.

    Ideal Adventurers:
    • Valentine Hildegarde
    • Verica
    • Ricardt
    • Thaniel
    • Xander
    • Dragonyule Cleo
    • Luther
    • Jurota
    • Laranoa
    • Dragonyule Nefaria
    • Waike
    • ...Dragonyule Xander
    Ideal Dragons:
    • Leviathan - DPS + Bog
    • Dragonyule Jeanne d'Arc - DPS
    • Vodynoy - DPS
    • Poseidon Either (DPS or Healer)
    • Poli'ahu - Either
    • Simurgh - Either + OD Punisher
    • Phoenix - (Fire) Healer

    Wyrmprints to consider:
    All Wyrmprints marked with an *Asterisk are limited.
    • *A Mother's Love
    • Stellar Show
    • Nightstalker
    • Lunar Festivities
    • *Fresh Perspective
    • The Warrioresses
    • Alberian Banner
    • Crystalian Envoy
    • *Astounding Trick
    • Jewels of the Sun
    • First-Rate Hospitality
    • *Better Together
    • *The Prince of Dragonyule
    • Levin's Champion
    • *Forest Bonds (Bow)
    • *Hitting the Books
    • *Heralds of Hinomoto
    • Resounding Rendition
    • *Plunder Pals
    • Tough Love
    • Luca's Prank
    • Valiant Crown
    • Kung Fu Masters
    • Saintly Delivery
    • *Silke Lends a Hand
    • Together We Stand
    • Warlust
    • Flower in the Fray
    • Liber Grimortis
    • Mana Fount
  2. Harvest

    Harvest Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    The Halidom Lv. 9
    Took me too many days, but here's this mess. /shrug Much laziness.

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