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What did you get? Summer version

Discussion in 'General' started by AaronUS, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. AaronUS

    AaronUS Moderator Staff Member

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    I pulled and I pulled. Well really. I used the free tickets I was given. Man. not only did I pick up the uh new version of Julie. I got the old LIGHT version too. Holy xmas in july batman!

    Ranzals got a new grill baby. That and even working on Beach Estelle for the summer event.
    Hakuna Mattatta~~!!

    May everyone get what the want from the game, enjoy from your favorite summer locale.
    It's august. Work outside can be brutal in the heat. So stay hydrated, stay safe.

    Keep fighting the good fight my friends.
  2. Harvest

    Harvest Moderator Staff Member

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    The Halidom Lv. 9
    I rolled a few tickets up to a rainbow and got SCelliera who appears to have a good support kit for a 5* Sword user but still somewhat underwhelming imo? I was hoping a little for Siren lol. I promoted SEstelle because she's better than DXander (I'm sorry, respectable king) generally and I still hate Lily.

    I've been too busy with Fire Emblem Three Houses that I've been struggling to log in these past days because it felt like chore. Yet to miss a day, however.
  3. HennryB

    HennryB New Member

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    estou guardando tudo para o evento de aniversario do game, estão sem pulls pra mim :(
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